Your legacy. Your way.
For almost 45 years, the 91茄子has emerged as Canada鈥檚 leading provider of education in naturopathic medicine. We offer the only Doctor of Naturopathy degree in Canada and the first-ever bridge delivery to prepare international medical graduates for naturopathic practice. In changing how health care is practised, we are changing lives.
The future of naturopathic medicine is in your hands! With a legacy gift, you can help fund the growth of 91茄子and naturopathic medicine into the next generation 鈥 and beyond.
Thanks to our graduates and partners, naturopathic medicine is becoming an integral part of health care in Canada. With your help, we can continue to grow our profession, our reputation and our impact, graduate even more qualified naturopathic doctors, advance research and create a world where an integrative approach to health care is the norm, not the exception.
The 91茄子advancement team and our CEO will work closely with you throughout the legacy giving process to ensure your gift is spent in the way you envision and that your contribution is recognized with a customized plan.
There are many ways to leave a legacy gift at CCNM. Thinking about a more complicated bequest or just need more help with any of the above planned giving options? Please do not hesitate to contact:
(416) 498-1255 ext. 226
CCNM鈥檚 legal name is: 91茄子. All legacy gift vehicles should include the College鈥檚 full legal name.
*91茄子is not a financial or legal advisor. You should always consult your own financial advisor or attorney when making estate plans.
  • Charitable Bequest (leaving a gift in your will)
    Charitable Bequest
    You can make a donation through your estate by including a charitable bequest in your will. You may designate a specific gift amount, or contribute all or a percentage of your estate.
    Benefits of a Charitable Bequest:
    • You could make a larger gift than what may be possible during your lifetime.
    • Your gift won鈥檛 reduce the funds you have to live on, there is no immediate cost to you.
    • The final income tax payable on your estate can be reduced or even eliminated, which can be a major advantage to your beneficiaries.
    Types of Bequests
    Residual Bequest
    A residual bequest directs the proceeds remaining from your estate after all other bequests, taxes, debts and expenses have been taken care of.
    Contingent Bequest
    A contingent bequest allows you to direct funds or property from your estate to 91茄子only if specific named beneficiaries predecease you.
    Leaving a gift to 91茄子in your will is simple. Talk with your family and loved ones, then speak to your lawyer about drafting or revisiting your will, or adding a codicil.
  • RRSP/RRIF Funds
    RRSP/RRIF Funds
    Donating your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSPs) or Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs) is a valuable way to contribute to 91茄子while offsetting taxes at the time of death. These assets are among the most heavily taxed.
    At the time of death, the plan is cashed and creates a tax liability for your estate; however if you designate 91茄子as a beneficiary of the RRSP or RRIF you offset these taxes and yourestate is protected from probate fees.
    91茄子will issue a charitable tax receipt to yourestate when the donation has been received. These gifts are protected from claims against your estate, creditors, and will challenges.
  • Gifts of Securities & Flow-Thru Shares
    Gifts of Securities & Flow-Thru Shares
    A gift of securities is of interest to individuals who have appreciated securities and wish to make a more noteworthy donation during their lifetime or who intend to leave a bequest to a charity. Existing tax rules make it very attractive to donate gifts of publicly traded securities to charities. Federal legislation now exempts appreciated securities from capital gains tax if they are donated directly to a charity like CCNM. This includes gifts of stock, bonds and mutual funds.
    Benefits of a Gift of Securities:
    • Fully eliminate your capital gains tax. When you sell publicly traded securities, you must pay capital gains tax on 50 per cent of the growth in value since you bought them. However, if you donate these same securities directly to CCNM, you won鈥檛 pay any capital gains tax.
    • Get tax benefits for your estate for gifts of securities in your will. Your estate will receive a charitable tax receipt for all donations of securities made through your will. This can help reduce the taxes on your estate in the year of your death. If the donation exceeds your limit, your executor can claim the balance against the year preceding your death.
    • Receive a charitable tax receipt for the entire market value of your donated securities. The charitable tax receipt you receive from donating your securities will help you reduce the taxes owed. Donations in excess of your annual limit (i.e., an amount that equals your net annual income) may be carried forward for up to five years. The amount of your tax receipt for your gift of securities will be based on the closing price on the date your securities are transferred to CCNM鈥檚 account at our custodial agent (RBC Direct Investing Inc.).
  • Life Insurance
    Life Insurance
    Numerous people have life insurance in one form or another. The value of life insurance is usually to create financial security for your loved ones in the event of your death. However, life insurance can also be used to support your favorite charities. It can help you make a bigger gift than you may otherwise be able to make with your existing income or through a bequest.
    Benefits of a Gift of Life Insurance:
    • You could make a larger gift than what may be achievable during your lifetime.
    • The final value of an insurance gift is guaranteed and generally will not be reduced by taxes, fees or creditors鈥 payments.
    • Life insurance can have a growing power that allows a fairly small investment to provide a great tax-free death benefit that can increase even more during your lifetime.
    You can name 91茄子as the beneficiary of your current policy. At your death, your estate will claim a charitable donation tax credit for the proceeds of the policy. The tax credit will offset income taxes payable on your estate鈥檚 final tax return, and your gift will not be subject to probate fees.
    To receive an immediate tax saving on the donation of a current policy, you can transfer ownership of an existing life insurance policy to CCNM, and also make 91茄子the policy鈥檚 beneficiary.
    When you transfer ownership of the policy, a share of its cash value will be taxable as income, but you鈥檒l receive a charitable tax receipt for the full cash value, because the earnings of this policy become irrevocable.
    Alternatively, you may have a life insurance policy that you鈥檝e held for many years, and through which you no longer need to provide financial security for your heirs. You can name 91茄子as the beneficiary of the policy. There are no instant tax benefits to you, because the beneficiary donation is revocable at any time. However, at your death, your estate will claim a charitable donation tax credit for the proceeds of the policy. This tax credit will offset income taxes payable on your estate鈥檚 final tax return, and the gift will not be subject to probate fees.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
    Charitable Gift Annuity
    With a charitable gift annuity, you can make a generous gift to 91茄子and improve yourcash flow at the same time. An annuity is an irrevocable gift to a charity like 91茄子in return for which you obtain a guaranteed, steady annual income for life. You have savings and investments, but interest rates fluctuate and sometimes your monthly income doesn鈥檛 keep pace with rising costs. Your investments have to last your lifetime, yet you also want to give generously to your favorite charities. To learn more about this giving option please contact the advancement department.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
    Charitable Remainder Trust
    If you are thinking about leaving a significant bequest to a registered charity like CCNM, a charitable remainder trust is a wonderful alternative. You can make a noteworthy gift immediately, and still benefit from income your gift generates without investment management concerns.
    You can create a charitable remainder trust by irrevocably transferring assets into a trust that鈥檚 managed by a trustee, either for life or for a period of time. At the conclusion of the trust term, the balance is distributed to CCNM.
    Benefits of a Charitable Remainder Trust:
    • 91茄子will receive regular income from the trust for life or for a specific term.
    • Obtain a tax receipt for the present value of the donated trust.
    • Less likely to be challenged, as the donation is not part of your estate.
    • Donors in a high marginal tax bracket will profit from instant tax relief.
    • An external trustee releases you from the obligation of managing the trust鈥檚 assets.
    • Removes probate costs associated with a charitable bequest.
    • Provides privacy 鈥 a charitable remainder trust agreement is not a publicly available document 鈥 whereas a will is publicly available.