Prerequisite Science Courses Policies

Register for PSCs
To sign up for one of CCNM's prerequiste science courses, please visit our registration page.
Registration and Payment Information
Online course registration remains open until three weeks into the course or until the course reaches maximum enrolment (30 participants). Tuition is due at the time of registration and can be paid via credit card through our secure website.
Prerequisite Science Courses Academic Accommodations
91茄子will use all reasonable efforts to accommodate students with disabilities to provide them with education equity in order to meet the standards of the program. At the request of a student, reasonable accommodations will be provided with respect to the documented disability that affects the student鈥檚 ability in an academic setting.
Students will need to submit medical documentation from their licensed health-care professional (See process document below for list of approved professionals). This documentation will be kept in confidence (separate from the student鈥檚 academic file) by Accessibility Services and used solely to assess requests for accommodations.
Once students have provided the appropriate documentation, Accessibility Services will assess and will then receive an email from Accessibility Services, outlining any approved accommodations.
Please note that the accommodations granted will only be valid until the end of August. Meaning that if you still require these accommodation you will need to contact the Accessibility Services to obtain a renewal. Further, the accommodations granted for the Prerequisite Science Course will not be transferred to the degree program. It is the responsibility of the student to contact Accessibility Services should they require continued accommodation in the degree program.
The deadline to apply for accommodations is by the end of Week 4. Please ensure any applications for accommodations are submitted before this time. This document outlines the accommodation application process for PSC students (PDF).
Accessibility Services
Students can schedule a confidential appointment with Pouneh Kharabi, Accessibility and Student Support Advisor, at
Course Dates
These 3 credit courses run over a 14 week semester. Students should expect a minimum of 8-10 hours per week per course to complete the online learning modules, assessments, and tutorials.
Course Format
All prerequisite science courses (PSC) are offered in a blended online format which includes both online structured learning modules and live tutorials with the course instructor once per week. Online modules are accessible at the start of the course via our online content management system, and live tutorials take place one evening per week typically from 8 鈥 9 p.m. ET / 5 鈥 6 p.m. PT per course. Assessments include completing online modules, virtual labs/assignments, quizzes, a midterm exam, and a final exam, as outlined in the course descriptions.
Academic Policies
Students enrolled in prerequisite sciences at 91茄子are bound by the student code of conduct as outlined in the 91茄子academic calendar.
Completion of prerequisite sciences courses does not guarantee admission into CCNM鈥檚 Doctor of Naturopathy degree program.
Exam Re-scheduling Policy
Exams dates are provided in the prerequisite academic calendar and in the course outlines. Exams are scheduled within a 12-24 hour timeframe, and if you miss this official window, you may reschedule your exam within one week of your missed exam for a fee of $75. Written notice indicating a reschedule request must be sent to
Course Withdrawal
Students wishing to withdraw from one or more PSC courses must send written notification indicating the intent to withdraw to The refund will be based on the date of notice received by 91茄子Continuing Education and calculated using the following formula:
Total Refund = $795 - ($95 Administrative Fee +($50 x Number of Weeks Elapsed)
Please note: Notice received prior to week 10 will result in a withdrawal (鈥淲鈥) on your transcript, while notice after week 10 will result in a failure (鈥淔鈥).
Course Transfer
Please note that we do not transfer enrolment from one PSC course to another. Those wishing to transfer will need to withdraw (see course withdrawal/refund) and re-enrol.
For further information on prerequisite sciences, please contact us at 1 (866) 241-2266 ext. 220 or